What’s Your Plan For Financial Freedom?

Did you know there are only 14 self-made women billionaires out of 1,100 on the planet?
I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time we had some more! The interesting observation I had that occurred to me as I was looking at their names: Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Debbie Fields, Meg Whitman, Estee Lauder…what they did was THINK BIG.

You see, the research I’ve done on women and money has shown me many things:

1. Many women operate in SURVIVAL MODE. Instead of thinking big and asking for more from the Universe, they are actually thinking small or worse, from fear. We cannot manifest more money when we are coming from fear or thinking small because that shows we have no faith. Wealth is given to us according to our faith as to whether or not we will have it. Whether you think you will or think you won’t, you’re right! (Just like Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich!)

Did you know China has 7 self-made billionaires? When asked why they have more, the article said they THINK BIGGER!

2. A problem that research has identified is that women don’t know their worth. In a survey of men and women executives, men knew how much more of a raise to ask for, but the women didn’t. When asked why, the women responded, they didn’t know what they were worth! Wow! Now there’s a huge issue for women to overcome, that will greatly impact their wealth.

3. Many women tell me they don’t feel worthy or deserving of wealth. I’m not sure why that is, but it could be tied to spiritual beliefs (can’t be spiritual and rich) or their upbringing (nice girls don’t deal with money) or something else.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!

When Martha Stewart or Debbie Fields made their fortunes, it was NOT from having the BEST IDEA. They didn’t invent some new technology like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. They baked cookies and cooked food for heaven’s sake!

They took something basic and made it the best they could, then THOUGHT BIG and took in national and international. That’s it.

There was no genius required – I mean nothing that couldn’t have been done by you or me. It’s all how we approach money, what we BELIEVE is possible, and what action we take to make it happen!

This week, take action on something you’ve been thinking about but haven’t done anything about. Just DO SOMETHING.

Even one small step like make a phone call, research an idea, or read a book about it. Do something to TAKE ACTION on your plan for financial freedom and above all else, BELIEVE you can have what you want!

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